Criminal, Civil and Consumer Lawyers in Odisha, India

Advocacy is a noble profession. Incompetent, impotent and powerless lawyers have no place in judiciary.
Lawyers are the Torchbearers of the society

A duty is always cast on a lawyer to prepare the case diligently.

Bar and bench are two wheels of the chariot of Judiciary.

The act of advocate will transform the future society

A Lawyer Should Become a Problem Solver A Conflict Manager Litigation is Only a Subset of Lawyering Skills Justice L Nageswara Rao

advocate cannot take clients for a ride to a court of law considering it a picnin spot.



Petitions filed before the competent forums

We The Lawyers at the Advocates Chamber do not believe in taking shelter of the Court of law directly if the remedies are available at the Administrative and Government Levels.

We Directly Approach the Public Servant Concern to provide the required legal remedy to our clients as the public servants are duty bound to give such as relief provided in the law.

Court of Law should be the Last Resort for a Lawyer – Supreme Court.

About Us

We at the Advocate Chamber work hard day and night to provide you with the best legal remedy available for you.

We believe that the courts are the temples of Justice.

Srimad Bhagwat Geeta says Fight for your rights Otherwise this society will not A good place to live in.

श्रीमद्भागवत गीता कहती है कि अपने अधिकारों के लिए लड़ो अन्यथा यह समाज रहने के लिए अच्छी जगह नहीं होगा।


Why Choose Advocates Chamber
Criminal, Civil, Consumer, Corruption & Accident matters?

No Fee For Poor and Unprivileged

Amet, pellentesque laoreet volutpat feugiat turpis accumsan nulla morbi ut blandit nibh fames arcu, nisi mauris, a eget massa adipiscing.

Multi Billions in Recoveries

From OHRC, NHRC, Consumer Commissions, Information Commisisons, Court of Law etc.

Thousands of Happy Clients

A smile at the face of our client is the fee we received. money can be earned from the other ways also.

We are Undefeated

We know the law of the land very well as we are not the products of the letter-pad law colleges where degrees are secured by unfair means and the enrollment by paying bribe.

Lawyers at the ADVOCATES CHAMBER are recognized by public departments of the state
for theirrightful approachess in providing legal remedies to the needy.
Accident Cases
Custodial Death or Violence
Human Right Violence
Right to Informatiom
Right to Public Service ( Guarantee )

Our Areas of Practice

We the lawyers at the ADVOCATE CHAMBER practices at almost all the area of law to provide legal remedies to our clients.

Criminal Jurisprudence

Offence Related to IPC, POCSO, Excise, NDPS, Fire Arms, SC/ST, Juvenile Justice etc.

Civil Matters

Property Disputes, Family Dispute, Divorce matters, Maintenance Disputes, Recovery of Shtridhan or Dowry etc.

Personal Injury

Custodial Death, or torture, Human right violation, State Excess, Police brutality,  illegality and arbitrariness by  Public authorities.

Consumer Disputes

Due to the enforcement of the new Consumer Protection Act, 2019, Six Rights were given to the consumer and jurisdiction of the consumer commissions were expanded to provide consumer right to the citizen.

Corruption matters

Corruption is the curse for the civilised society

Due to the enforcement of the new Lokpal and Lokayukta Act, 2012, Central and State Level machinery are installed to curve the same.

Bail Jurisprudence

Right to Freedom and Right to Live with dignity is the fundamental rights crafted in the  very provisions of the constitution of India. To get Bail is the Legal Right and deny is the exception.

Saptalora's Story

“By boyfriend refused to marry me on the instigation of his elder brother who was in a fiduciary relationship with him. & wanted dowry which was not possible for me to give for being poor. Lawyers of the ADVOCATE CHAMBER helped me to settle my dispute without approaching to court and amicably.”

Only One sitting of counseling at the office of the Advocate Chamber settled the matter

Now I am happily married with by boyfriend.

“I was implicated in a false cheating & Chit Fund case along with my Boss who was the main accused & I spent almost 4 years in judicial custody as my bail application was rejected in the courts due to the improper presentation of my matter until I met with the lawyers of the ADVOCATES CHAMBERS.

Now I am a free man.
Madhav Sahu, Jajpur, Odisha
“I along with my wife implicated in the case murder case & kept in judicial custody for 11 years in the name of trial, my wife was acquitted from the charges but I was convicted by concluding the trail like a IPL T20 cricket match after killing my father in a fake encounter. No lawyers ever provide me any remedy until I met with the Lawyers of the ADVOCATE CHAMBER as my premature release petition has been filed.”
Munna Kadir, Kendrapara
“My happily marriage life was sabotaged due to the improper guidance and legal advice by the products of letter-pad law colleges who only work for money & I have to live with my son in a deserted condition for four years, until I met with the Lawyers of the ADVOCATE CHAMBERS.”

Now I am living with my husband hapilly along with my kid.
Asha Devi, Rajrangpur, Odisha