On Dt. 21-06-2024 during an argument, the presiding judge Shri S.K.Panigrahi raised the question against the petitioner’s decision to make the Registrar of NHRC a party.

The petitioner’s lawyer replied, “Otherwise how can they use the provision of Article 226 of the Constitution of India if a public office is not involved”

The Judge asked for the case law of the apex court allowing the Registrar of a forum a party to the suit.

The lawyer has not instant reply.

The judge refused to issue notice to the Registrar of the NHRC.

The point is that whether the Registrar of the NHRC will hire a lawyer to appear before the court by paying fee from his own pocket or the lawyer appointed by the NHRC will appear?

What if the NHRC only would be a party. ?

What if the secretary only would be a party ?

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