Odisha State Commission for the Protection of Child Rights
Bhubaneswar, Odisha

Subject: Urgent Attention Required for Inadequate Facilities at the Place of Safety in Rourkela  Place of Safety.


I, Advocate A.K. Sharma  a concerned citizen, hereby submit this complaint petition to bring to your attention the deplorable conditions prevailing at the Place of Safety in Rourkela. The situation is alarming and requires immediate intervention to safeguard the rights and well-being of the inmates as the under-mentioned facilities are not available in the place of safety. 

  1. Lack of Basic Facilities:

    • There is no Sick Room available for inmates who require medical attention.
    • The absence of a library deprives the inmates of educational and recreational resources.
    • The superintendent has no quarters, affecting their ability to manage the facility effectively.
    • The absence of a counseling hall hinders rehabilitation efforts.
    • No e-Mulakat facility ever provided for the lawyers and family members
    • Many Children are implicated in false cases
    • Many Children are denied bail violating the provision of the JJ act 2015.
  2. Inadequate Sanitation Facilities:

    • There is no bathroom for staff members, including female staff.
    • The lack of proper sanitation facilities compromises hygiene and health.
  3. Impact on Inmates:

    • Three inmates have already become fugitives due to the substandard conditions.
    • Children from respectable families are interacting with antisocial peers, jeopardizing their safety and well-being.
    • The inadequate environment has disrupted their education, hindering their prospects.
    • Many children have relinquished their studies due to the lack of facilities for study in the Place of Safety.

Request for Immediate Action:

  1. Facility Upgradation:

    • Urgently allocate resources to establish a Sick Room, a library, and proper quarters for the superintendent.
    • Create a dedicated counseling hall for rehabilitation and support services.
  2. Sanitation Facilities:

    • Construct bathrooms for staff members to maintain hygiene and dignity.
  3. Inquiry and Accountability:

    • Investigate the circumstances that led to the escape of three inmates.
    • Hold accountable those responsible for the inadequate conditions.

Additional Information:

  •  There is a direction of the Bombay High Court to provide library and sufficient books in the library
  • Please treat this matter with utmost urgency, considering the rights and safety of the inmates. I trust that the Odisha Human Rights Commission will take the necessary steps to rectify the situation and ensure a humane environment at the Place of Safety.
  • Instead of taking action against the violation of Child Rights the OSCPCR is calling them a guest in their function as the tainted IPS Arun Bothra was invited as a guest even if he violated the child rights vy falsely implicating the CCL in the Nayagarh Pari Case.


I confirm that the information provided in this complaint petition is true to my knowledge and belief.

Date:  29-06-2024

Place:  Cuttack

after filling of the complaint before the OSCPCR notice has been issued on Dt. 05-07-2004, to the Chairperson of the Child Welfare Committee of Sundargarh District to conduct an inquiry into matter.

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