Poor Vs Rich Child in Conflict with Law ( CCL )

This is a case of missing minor girl of age 5 where there was no eye witness to the case and district police failed miserably to detect the crime but after five year only to address the public demand an innocent CCL now a major was implicated falsely in  this case where the victim family is not considering the CCL a guilty in this case.

This Pune Accident case is the best example of sugar grand father and rich dady who are giving speed car and money to their minor child to commit crime. there were eye witnesess to the case but all united to get the CCL a bail and take my word he will be a free one in this case.

In both the case police acted as per the Instigation of the Government and complied with the wise of the general public so that the CCLs cannot be set free on bail.

IPS Arun Bothra is well trained to implicate innocent in case cases. he has falsely implicated an innocent college teacher in the Patnagarh Double bomb blast case and one college student in the Nayagarh Pari missing case.

In both cases accused are chosen to have no male member of the family so that his case can be found in the case and the IPS openly threatened about the same.

In both the cases money are given, taken and offered.

In both the cases custodial torture of third degree used to get the confessions of the accused so that the evidence case be prepared. In both the case IPS Arun Bothra threatened to implicate the ladies members of the accused family in the case if the accused will not implicate him voluntarily.

Both Rina Rani the wife of the deceased in the Patnagarh Bomb Blast case and the mother of Pari in the Nayagarh case are not considering the implicated accused people as the guilty in the case. they both openly declaring that the police have implicated innocents in the case only to silent the Government, public and politicians.

In both cases the Juvenile Justice Boards were failed miserably to comply with the law and acted as per the instigation of the police, prosecutors etc. and now facing departmental inquiry but there is hardly any action on the JJB of Nayagarh, CWC, Child Protection officer etc. of Nayagarh, Odisha
Bombay High Court came in the rescue of the CCL of Pune, Maharstra but there is no help from the Orissa High court to the CCL of Pari case.

The Righ CCL gets bail in a single day and the same was held by the Bombay High Court. but the Pool CCL is inside the jail since last 4 years and the Odisha High Court is sleeping like KHUMBHAKARNA.

Bombay high court is one from where the present CJI Mr. Chandrachure and other prominent justices have woked but Odisha High Court is one where the products of letter pad colleges are becoming the judges of it.

Mahastratra is the rich state where Advocate like Sriramjeth Malani started his career but the Odisha is one where there is no law education since last 30 yeards.
Maharastra is a state where judges are removed for passing the perverse order

Whereas the Odisha is the State where operators of the Paisa Vashooli Racket is presiding in the constitutional court.

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